Your Local Pest Control Contractor
OK, so you are probably thinking about now, “Yeah, but she’s a pest control professional’s WIFE, of course she is going to say I should hire a pest control company to get rid of my roaches/bed bugs/insert whatever critters you currently have invading your home.”
Yes, I am married to a bug man.
Yes, I guess that would seem to make me a little biased, but I can tell you that I have seen, first hand just how helpful a good pest control professional can be. Notice I said good? In a later post we will discuss what you should look for in a pest control company, but right now we are going to discuss why you would even need one in the first place.
Aside from the fact that it is the smart thing to do, I have come up with several solid facts (that don’t include my personal opinion) in response to this question.
1. So you think you can do it yourself. OK, fine, knock yourself out. But before you bomb your home or spend a small fortune on can after can of drug store insect killers, consider this: Trying to take care of your pest control problem on your own could only serve to make the matters worse. Foggers and sprays might seem to work at first, but extended use can cause the insects to become resistant to the product. This can make your pest problems worse. If you have an infestation, the best thing you can do is call a professional pest control company.

Cockroaches are a great example. Let’s say you have a German cockroach infestation in your home (ewww!) and decide that you are going to handle up on things yourself. So, you but whatever cool spray or fogger is on the market and go to town. At first you will probably break your arm patting yourself on the back because it will appear that your pest problems are history. But wait…there is more going on and what you can’t see is what should concern you. The spray or fogger will kill some of the population, but the rest of those critters will simply be driven further into the walls or wherever they are hanging out (harboring). They will stay there until the fallout has subsided and it is safe to return, all the while developing a resistance to the product – and multiplying like rabbits. So then, you have
• An infestation that returns
• MORE of the insects
• Insects that are resistant to your spray or fogger (rendering it useless)

2. Another time that you would need a pest control professional is when you are trying to sell a house or property. In these cases, you are often required by law to provide official documentation verifying that you have had to property inspected and/or treated for termites. The only way you can get this legal document is through a certified pest control professional, so you can’t just sit down at your computer and create one.

3. In the long run, pest control done by a professional is often less expensive that if you took care of the problem yourself (see number 1). Treating the situation yourself may seem to work at first, but as the problem returns again and again, you have to spend more and more money to treat it. This is a vicious cycle that will play out over and over, many times resulting in you finally breaking down and calling a pro. Just purchasing the products to do it yourself can wind up costing hundreds of dollars, even more than what a pest control pro would charge. Had you called a pro in the first place and had regularly scheduled pest control inspections, maintenance and services, you would have saved a bundle.

Professional pest control is really a very wise investment. It is important for
• Your peace of mind
• The soundness of your home
• The health of you and your family

I’m not saying you should run out there and hire a pest control pro today (in a couple of days I am going to tell you what to look for in a good pest control professional), all I’m saying is that you really should weigh the costs and benefits, then make an informed decision.

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